Priscilla's abiding and deepening love of paint began at the age of six when she did her first oil painting using her mother's twisted tubes of color. In that first painting, the young Priscilla attempted to paint a boy wrapped in beautiful brocade fabric, Hans Holbein's Prince Edward VI. Half a century later she continues to explore the forms of fabric and the mysteries of how we as creators of the cloth use textiles to protect and adorn ourselves and our environments. Priscilla is a color/texture thinker who sees the weave of fibers and the fabric like quality of even the landscape. "The earth and sky are, after all, our ulltimate bed and blanket." Even her scapes of land, sea, and sky are designed to call our attention to the varying textures and nuances of color nature has woven around us.

     Priscilla most frequently uses fabric, washed canvas, as her substrate and then begins her painting with strong vigorous brush work. After that surface has dried, she resurfaces the canvas, weaving paint with both brush and palette knife often oblierating all but the essentials of the underpainting. She leaves the viewer to explore the textures and colors suggested by subject matter. "It's never the 'what;' it's always the 'how,'" says Priscilla. "Art is visual thinking. It should provoke us not only to think about what we see but how and why we see. In so doing, art helps us to understand ourselves and the world in which we live."

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